November: Too Early to Start Thinking About Christmas?

November: Too Early to Start Thinking About Christmas?

Madelaine Patricia, Features Writer

When does the Christmas season truly begin? For some it starts the day after Halloween, others wait until December. Either way, on November first, many stores begin selling everything Christmas-related. Radio stations start playing holiday music. But is this what consumers want? Is it stressful to start getting in the Christmas spirit in November, or is it exciting?

After asking a group of SHA students what their thoughts were on this somewhat controversial topic, 47% said it is too early to start thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, and 53% said it’s not too early.

Those that prefer to wait until December said that, as they look forward to Thanksgiving, seeing Christmas trees and hearing Christmas songs on the radio “throws them off” and that they’re just not ready for it. They say hearing a Christmas song before December is stressful and that they become overwhelmed with everything they have to do to prepare for the holiday, such as shopping, cooking, decorating, and planning. They also feel as though Christmas overshadows Thanksgiving, which is just as important of a holiday to them.

Those who enjoy gearing up for Christmas in November, on the other hand, say it simply makes them, as well as the people around them, happier. There is no question that, for many people, Christmas is a time of peace, excitement, and laughter with friends and family. Hearing a certain Christmas song that they only listen to at this time of year can remind people of these wonderful times, which gets them excited and in a happy mood.

No matter what your view is, we can hopefully all agree that both the end of November and through the month of December are magical times meant to be shared and celebrated with loved ones. We must try to look past the commercialization and enjoy the greatness of Christmastime as we celebrate the birth of Christ and give to others.