Shark Shop

Marissa Guzdek, Student Life Editor

The Shark Shop helps every student to show their school spirit and get involved with the school and its community. Mr. Liberti works continuously to make the Shark Shop the best it can be!

The Shark Shop began in 2008 to sell remaining inventory that was found in the attic. Mr. Liberti asked SHA to officially begin a school store with a strong demand from the students for the clothes. For many years, the Shark Shop was run out of Mr. Liberti’s closet in his room. Three years ago, Shark Shop moved into the lobby of the Athletic Center.

Mr. Liberti’s parents decorate the showcases for each season. If you have any suggestions for themes or would like to help, please contact Mr. Liberti at his email or stop by in his room, 308.

Shark Shop is open daily before and after school by appointment…contact Mr. Liberti. Shark Shop is also open during Wednesday lunches and is staffed by SHA parents! During the first Wednesday of each month, if you buy something $5 and up, ask the parents running it for a treat! Shark Shop will also soon be offering website ordering!

If you would like to volunteer and earn service hours, please contact Mr. Liberti as he is always in need of the assistance and welcomes all! Some days that you may wish to help include, Freshwomen Registration in February, Freshwomen Fun Day in August, and Alumnae Sunday in June.

The Shark Shop is a great way to show your school spirit and get involved! Talk to Mr. Liberti or contact him by his email if you would like to volunteer!