College Fairs!

Cassie Holmwood, Student Life

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The idea of college is slowly seeping into our brains, pressuring us to look around mindlessly, and trying to find the perfect place for what we want to be. An easy way to figure out the best place for you to go to college is going to open houses and college fairs. Though most of the fall open houses for New York State have ended, with an exception to some schools, spring open houses are in planning, so take a look at their schedules in these next couple of months. At college open houses or tours, you are given an insight into the school that you will be possibly staying at for the next four years of your life. During the visit, you could get a tour of the campus, labs, and meet with some professors if they are free. In March, Sacred Heart juniors are getting the opportunity to go to the 2018 national college fair, which is an event that brings over 200 colleges and universities from across the country. While meeting with a college, be sure to ask some questions about the school, and student life in order to get yourself familiar with the college. Some of the schools that participate in the National College fair are American University, Canisius College, Duquesne University, Notre Dame College, etc. if you are not a part of the junior class, be sure to talk to your guidance counselor or sign yourself up at . Overall, college preparation may be stressful, but simply just going to open houses and college fairs can help you narrow down your decision where you want to go.

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