Christmas Gift Tips and Ideas


Veronica Sullivan, Student Life

Christmas is approaching, and buying gifts for loved ones can be a hassle. Sometimes gifts are too expensive or too big. Buyers may be unsure if loved ones will even like the present. Well, if you need tips or ideas on gift giving, here is a quick guide to help you.


1. If you are getting a gift for someone, it helps to know the person. Find out their interests to get an idea of what to buy. That way, you’ll have a less likely chance to give them something they dislike.
2. Be careful with gifting food. Some people may have allergies or dietary restrictions and may not be able to eat the food you give them. Make sure that you know their dietary standards before gifting something they can’t eat.
3. Set a budget for yourself. You don’t wanna end up spending a lot of money on one person, and end up getting a cheaper gift for someone of equal importance. If you give yourself a limit, then you’ll be able to properly allocate the right amount of money for each gift recipient.
4. Just in case, give a gift receipt. If you provide a gift receipt along with their present, this gives them an opportunity to return it and get something that may better fit their needs. You may not want your loved ones to reject your gifts, but if you want to be extra considerate, a gift receipt is the perfect option.
5. Nothing is better than a homemade gift. If you really are unsure of a nice gift, then just make a gift yourself. There are plenty of DIYs you can find on the internet that will make a perfect present. Homemade gifts are often the most sentimental and memorable for both the giver and recipient.


1. Ornaments: Although this can be a generic gift, an ornament is a classic gift that suits anyone of all ages. No matter who you may be, a charming ornament may win someone’s heart.
2. Books and Accessories: If you know a book lover, the obvious choice for a gift may be a book. But don’t automatically assume they may enjoy another book. For lower budget items, bookmarks or clip-on flashlights to read in the dark may be alternatives.
3. School Supplies: Students sometimes lose their pens, staplers, and everything in between. So think about gifting something useful to friends who may need a new pack of pens. Not only is it useful, but they are also inexpensive, too.
4. Pillows and Blankets: Who doesn’t love to stay wrapped in a blanket? Blankets and pillows are sure to keep anyone comfy. Decorative pillows also can add a nice flair to a room.
5. Cold Weather Accessories: Especially if you live in Western New York, you know how cold it can get in the winter. So to keep your loved ones warm and cozy, gift them a pair of festive fuzzy socks or warm gloves. Scarves, hats, and slippers are perfect for bundling up in the cold winter weather.
6. Gift Cards: Gift cards can be used incrementally and typically never expire. Not everyone has the time to put tremendous effort into a cute gift. Fortunately, a gift card doesn’t take much time and can satisfy anyone. Gift cards can actually be personal gifts, because they respect the recipient’s ability to select something they truly want or need.
7. Candles: Scented candles smell amazing and look adorable in your home. They can especially come in handy if there is ever a blackout. Scented candles make an awesome Christmas present, and the aromas are bound to be enjoyed by anyone.