A SHA Shark on the National Field Hockey Team!


Madeline Greene, Sports Editor

The athletics of Sacred Heart Academy are teams of dedication, hardwork, and integrity. As a result the SHA teams and athletes experience great successes! The most recent success is of a SHA Field Hockey Senior, Kayla Blas, who has been named to the U19 National Field Hockey Team! I recently did an interview with Kayla so that the whole school can celebrate her great accomplishment!
Through this interview I learned that Kayla has been playing field hockey since she was in seventh grade, which amounts to five to six years of playing the sport. That time has been spent not only on the SHA team, but also on the Oranje club field hockey team out of Delaware. However, her athleticism does not end there. She also plays Monsignor Martin ice hockey and varsity SHA lacrosse. Upon learning this, I wondered how she is able to balance her sports activities along with academic and social activities, such as being a Student Council officer.
She said, “Over the years I have learned how to balance my time, and how to ensure that I get all of my work done on time. Time management is vital, and knowing where and when I’m going to do my homework helps me plan my time.”
As a person not on multiple sports teams, her ability to manage academics while juggling sports makes me see that I really need to step up my game.
Next, I asked what her favorite aspect of field hockey has been so far.
She said, “When I first started playing field hockey I thought that it was like a mix of ice hockey and I loved it. Just being able to play a fast pace game at a high level is something that is just indescribable.”
It’s a good thing she enjoys the sport considering how much the U19 National Field Hockey Team will entail. The national team experience begins with traveling about once a month to train with the junior squad. From there, she hopes to make the travel team, allowing her to travel overseas for international games during Easter Break! This lead to the question of how she got to be recruited by the team.
Kayla responded with, “A lot of work to make the team has been put in outside of SHA athletics, but SHA has helped me stay motivated and mentally strong. I know that if something does not go my way, everything will be okay (from the wise words of Coach K).”
In addition to Kayla playing on the U19 National Team after she leaves SHA’s halls, her sport also has led her to Northwestern Univerity where she will be playing collegiate Field Hockey.
As you can see, Kayla’s accomplishments are astounding, yet her humility leaves an even greater impact everytime you interact with her. Her hopes for the National Team are not those of glory and recognition, but those of getting to learn and grow more in the sport, saying:
“I just can’t wait to learn more about the game, and to see how much improvement can happen. No matter what level I am at I can constantly improve and get better. Learning more and always being a student of the game is something that helps grow the game more.”
This talented athlete is someone who everyone-prospective students, classmates, and alumnae-can admire and celebrate as she continues her athletic journey.
Congratulations Kayla!