Class of 2021 Election Results

Veronica Sullivan, Student Life

On December 13, the freshmen elected their class officers. After gathering in the auditorium and watching an entertaining video by STUCO, the candidates lined up to say their speeches. The candidates spoke in alphabetical order: Elianna Bush, Caroline Carlson (since she was absent, Mr. Liberti spoke in place of her), Heaven Elliott, Kayla Kasprzak, Jackie McDonnell, Lauren Richardson, Kelly Schomber, Antoinette Surace, and Sarah Vinal. Each spoke from the heart, and truly put an effort into their speeches. Everyone proved how much they loved Sacred Heart with eloquence and oratory skill. The Class of 2021 then decided the top 4 candidates whose speeches had won them over. Now the results are in! The following 5 candidates have been chosen to lead their school with great integrity:
President: Sarah Vinal
Vice President: Kelly Schomber
Secretary: Antoinette Surace
Treasurer: Lauren Richardson
Executive Board: Caroline Carlson
Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winning candidates! May you lead SHA with pride, diligence, and honor. The entire SHA community is very proud of you and looking forward to your leadership!