Managing Stress for ACT and SAT

Marissa Guzdek, Student Life Editor

ACTs and SATs are right around the corner and causing more stress than ever on students! With school, sports, jobs and tests to get into college, we all struggle to complete our work and maintain our stress. Here are some tips to help ease the stress of ACTs and SATs.

Review regularly.
Sign up for a test preparation class. It’s never too late!
Practice under exam conditions.
Plan to take the test more than once. That is if possible!
Make a dedicated study time and a dedicated break time.
Find a dedicated study place.
Keep yourself organized.
Try to keep a positive attitude about the test.
Stay healthy by getting enough sleep.
Make a plan for the day of the test.

It’s natural to feel stress about these tests! Being prepared is the best way to ease up the stress and calm anxieties of the ACTs and SATs.