Florida Students Take Action


Fiona Murphy, News Editor

In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, middle school and high school students across Florida took to the streets demanding a change in gun laws. The students arranged meetings with lawmakers to discuss methods to prevent gun violence. Many students even travelled to the state capitol, Tallahassee, to directly confront the state’s lawmakers. Students also received support from school officials and security, many of whom were walking side by side with them. However, not everyone has supported the students’ protests. When several students went to the Senate president’s office, they were dismissed and told that meetings were by appointment only. In addition, the Florida state legislature voted against even debating a measure that would consider banning semi-automatic weapons. The 71 lawmakers that voted against considering the ban were almost all given A or A+ rankings by the NRA.
When asked by a CNN reporter what exactly the students were fighting for, one Florida student responded that she wanted schools to be safer and did not want to be afraid to go to school anymore. Students are requesting more background checks to prevent people with mental illnesses from obtaining dangerous weapons. The students are calling their movement for stricter gun laws “Never Again”, a name that clearly expresses the sentiments felt across the nation about the atrocity of gun violence, especially in schools.