Election for Class of 2021


Veronica Sullivan, Student Life

The Class of 2021 has again elected representatives for their sophomore year! The following ten candidates competed for the position as officers on the student council:
Erin Cavanaugh, Charlotte Collard, Alyssa Curtin, Ashley Curtin, Megan Del Regno, Lauren Devin, Kayla Kasprzak, Kelly Schomber, Lily State, and Lauren Wegman. Each candidate expressed their ideas and how they would make the Class of 2021 a legacy. They offered insight to who they were, and sincerely wished to be a part of Student Council. After the last candidate, Lauren Wegman, finished her speech, everyone returned to their homerooms to vote for the five people who would lead the Class of 2021. Finally, the results are in! Here are the officers:
President: Lauren Wegman
Vice President: Erin Cavanaugh
Secretary: Lauren Devin
Treasurer: Kayla Kasprzak
Executive Board: Ashley Curtin
Congratulations to the new class officers—may you lead the Class of 2021 to greatness! We are looking forward to these ladies leading and supporting the SHA community.