SHA Halloween 2018


Garden Scene Winners

Fiona Murphy, Student Life Editor

October 31st was another successful Halloween here at SHA! The day started with a special Halloween assembly – a school-wide Halloween Kahoot. This fun game featured challenging Halloween trivia (did you know that the largest pumpkin weighed a whopping 2,528 pounds?). The entire student body participated, and the top five winners were recognized for their superior Halloween knowledge.
Besides a creative assembly planned by StuCo, SHA saw some of the most creative costumes yet. Group winners of the costume contest included Juan Direction and an elaborate garden scene. The teachers also came up with a clever costume idea – uniform violations. Teachers sported non-sanctioned sweatshirts, patterned leggings under skirts, and sneakers – accessories that merit a DUC sheet on any other day of the year! Finally, some individual winners included seniors Emily Schneggenburger as a birdbath and Sarah Campbell as a can of Campbell’s soup (how ironic!).
Every year SHA steps up its game on Halloween, and this year was no exception. Students and teachers alike have overwhelming spirit for the holidays, one of the best aspects of our SHA community.