Black Friday: Is It Worth It?


Veronica Sullivan, News

Extreme shoppers will sleep outside stores to catch an early start to the rush. Massive crowds of people anticipate the very moment that a store will open. The police are there to make sure all is calm, even though sometimes chaos prevails. As soon as the brink of a store’s door opens, several people will stampede in, grabbing as many goods as they can find. Shoppers sometimes get into fist fights and in rare cases, shootings occur over marked down merchandise. Some may even wind up dead, caused by violence of others. But this isn’t the end of the world. This is simply hours after spending time with your family on Thanksgiving. It is called Black Friday.
Black Friday is known globally as the time for saving incredible amounts of money on goods to give for Christmas. This shopping event only lasts for a day, and some stores begin on Thanksgiving day itself. The deals and savings offered by the stores attract more than the savviest of shoppers. People of all ages are willing to wake up early and save money.
So is this a problem? Shopping in person can be risky and lead to frustration. With better technology, people shop online to their hearts content. The ability to purchase online allows shoppers to leave the hassle of driving to the store and dealing with crowds. They are still getting all the merchandise they want while saving a considerable amount of money. However, a disadvantage to this technique is not being able to see the product directly. This is where shopping in person comes in handy. Going to a store in person lets someone look and touch the product to make sure it is satisfactory. You may have to wait in line to check out, but you won’t have to worry about the shipping, handling and delivery experience. Although, it can be a hassle to get access to items, and there is always the fear of not being able to buy the product you desire. Before ultimately deciding to go shopping on Black Friday; remember, there is still Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday shoppers have another opportunity to hunt down discounted items and is essentially another Black Friday. At least you don’t have to worry about getting run over.