The Meaning of Christmas


Madelaine Patricia

Nowadays, people associate Christmas time with Santa, presents, shopping, and chaos. Christmas is viewed by people as either a time of joy and happiness or a time to dread. Many people who are unhappy with their lives or may be facing difficulties view Christmas as annoying and even  depressing, since they feel as though everyone around them seems to be living happily and enjoying the holiday season. Maybe these people don’t have anyone to spend the holiday with, or something traumatic had happened in their past during Christmas. Regardless of the reason, people who feel lonely become even lonelier during the holidays, and we need to do everything we can to bring people together at Christmas time.


          Although it is difficult, we must remember that the holidays are a time to be with loved ones, help others, volunteer, give what we can, be thankful, and celebrate. There is nothing wrong with everything that comes along with Christmas in today’s day and age—the shopping and the gifts—we simply must not get completely caught up in those things. Take time to enjoy the little things about the Christmas season, such as the lights, the music, the decorations, the trees, and everything else. These aspects of Christmas are meant to make us happy, not stressed or annoyed. We can’t forget to enjoy the little things in life, especially those that come at Christmas time.