Buffalo Sabres’ Grit and Determination Leads To Monumental Successes

Madison Nitsche

     Jeff Skinner, a new key piece of the Sabres momentum, has been flying and carrying the team to triumph, with 19 goals in 25 games earlier in the season. Not to mention, he scored the game winning overtime goal against the San Jose Sharks, which placed the Sabres first in the NHL. He originally started his rookie year with the Carolina Hurricanes, where he was given the opportunity to play with other strong players, strengthen his skills, and help him to win the Calder Trophy. Now with the Sabres, Skinner plays left wing on Jack Eichel’s line and the two have an amazing chemistry. Skinner describes his captain, Eichel, by saying, “He’s one of the best centers in the league. That helps, to start with. When you look at his game, he’s really, really good with the puck. He creates a lot space, draws a lot of players to him, because he handles the puck so well with speed and handles the puck so well in traffic. Sometimes he has drawn three guys to him. As a winger, you try to read off him. Try to utilize that extra space. And be ready for when he’s going to make a pass. Sometimes you don’t think he’s ready, and then the puck is on your stick. So read off him and stay ready.” Jack Eichel acts as a natural leader for the team, guiding them to their victories the whole season, and inspiring the Sabres to put forth their best effort. With enthusiastic, youthful players and a headstrong, driven captain, the Sabres are bound for success.

     Despite strong lines, a motivational captain, and vigorous players, the Sabres immediately went into a 5 game losing streak (although usually only by one point). However, the momentum that was present in the 10 game streak seemed to be conspicuously absent, as the Sabres could not grasp the win. Now, the Sabres have stepped up their game, with more frequent wins, ranking fourth in the Atlantic Division. Buffalo fans can expect great things to come from the Sabres, as the team has enough determination and spirit to possibly lead them to playoffs.