The Need for Planned Parenthood

The Need for Planned Parenthood

Isabella D'Amato

When you hear the words “Planned Parenthood” what images come to mind? Possibly the picture the picture a woman getting Plan B or a breast screening surfaces. Regardless of what you may believe or think, it should be commonly agreed that Planned Parenthood is for the reproductive health of everyone.

Those who are against Planned Parenthood are ignorant and lack knowledge on the services such an institution provides. Being in defense of Planned Parenthood offers and protects the right to obtain wellness exams, cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings, STD testing & treatment, HIV testing, hormone therapy, infertility services, pap tests, sex education, birth control (including emergency contraception such as Plan B) and referrals for abortions. It is commonly misconstrued that abortions are the only/main service from Planned Parenthood, however only 3% of the services done there are abortions. It is also noteworthy to mention that mental service is offered after an abortion procedure is done. The fact that Planned Parenthood offers services to men is often ignored or excused. Planned parenthood presents cancer testing services, STD testing, fertility services, sexual dysfunction and birth control for men.

While defending Planned Parenthood it is inexcusable not the mention and repute some of Margaret Sanger’s ideals. Sanger, the creator and founder of Planned Parenthood, was a longtime believer and advocate of the ideology of eugenics. Eugenics is the science of improving human population by controlled breeding in attempt to increase desirable characteristics. In a 1921 article Sanger wrote “the most urgent problem today is now to limit and discourage the over-fertility if the mentally and physically defective.” It is inexcusable to defend the facility of Planned Parenthood without discrediting some of Sangers leading beliefs. Noting however that during the 1920’s-1930’s eugenics was a widespread belief supported by many doctors, scientists and the general public. It is now a discredited movement.

Today, Planned Parenthood is much more prominent in our media. Our current administration is consistently trying to defund and smear the image of the good Planned Parenthood does. Legislation both state and nationwide is persistently being passed in attempt to limit safe abortions. It’s important to state that Planned Parenthood being defunded will only cause more abortions. Without low income families having access to the sex education and contraception offered by Planned Parenthood the need to actually obtain an abortion increases. Simply summarized Planned Parenthood is for the reproductive health of everyone. The defunding of Planned Parenthood constantly threatens the security of anyone who depends or uses their services.