Vaccinate Now


Natalie Reina

Vaccination is crucial to the overall health of our society. There has been an anti-vaccination movement brewing all over the world, and this mindset is going to send us all into a worldwide epidemic. After researching this topic extensively, I realized the importance of sharing this information. Opting out of vaccinations puts public health at risk and could lead to a resurgence of dangerous diseases.

For instance, measles is coming back with a vengeance. Cases have even been reported in Western New York. So, how did this happen? Vaccinations in the 1960’s nearly wiped measles out for good, but because of its success, people have stopped getting them. This leaves newborns and susceptible population at risk. You cannot just stop vaccinations and expect diseases not to resurge. Chloe Lambert, a writer and researcher for the telegraph found that 41,000 children and adults contracted measles during the first 6 months of 2018. In addition, we are putting many at risk by refusing to vaccinate. Unvaccinated groups of people can manifest outbreaks in certain communities, putting children and adults who refuse vaccination, children who are to young to receive vaccination, or people with immunodeficiencies at risk of contraction of diseases. I personally know people who never get vaccines, especially for influenza. Influenza complications include bacterial infections or bacterial pneumonia which causes death in patients, especially children. Why face the health risks when you can get a preventative vaccine?

Some argue that vaccines can cause autism. However, there is no correlation because autism happens in our genes, and a vaccine cannot change our genetics. Vaccines are weakened or dead forms of pathogens, and our bodies should be given the chance to learn how to fight off the weakened form instead of getting a surprise attack. Some also counter that it should be your choice on whether you receive vaccinations. Derek Ruderfer, a medical researcher, stated “whether the justification of this anti vaccine mentality is religious, philosophical, or politically motivated, the net outcome ultimately results in the propagation of a large community”. The truth lies in this statement because diseases we once eliminated are coming back, and there are more people at risk than ever. There is more than enough evidence that shows the powers of vaccines, so do not hop on the bandwagon and protect our population.

By opting out of vaccines, you are putting everyone at risk of getting infected by dangerous diseases and illnesses. Disease such as measles should not be making a comeback in our world. We need to protect all the innocent people who are unable to vaccinate themselves. Just remember: get sick or get vaccinated.