Fast Fashion


Anastasia Lach

In today’s society fast fashion is a very big issue. We live in a society where clothing is almost seen as disposal. The consumerist mindset is a growing issue for our country. Fast fashion is the movement of clothing from the cat walk in the store is in a very short period of time. The biggest clothing brands are often the biggest culprits of fast fashion. Some of the stores include Forever 21, Zara, and Charlotte Ruse. The articles of clothing from the stores are generally very cheaply made but it can increase the amount of money the stores make as they can often introduce many pieces of clothing per month to keep up with how fast trends change. Even though fast fashion may have its advantages, such as making it easier for consumers to stay on trend, it creates a mindset that clothing is a disposable when it doesn’t need to be. This can impact a lot of people in other countries as the conditions in which they work to produce these clothes I’m not humane. One way that we can combat this horrible issue is to buy clothing from stores that guarantee a sustainability two people and to the environment. Another way to work around the issue a fast fashion would be to buy from secondhand stores to reduce the amount of overconsumption in our society. But the most important way we can reduce fast fashion is to do research on the stores that we buy things from regularly and ensure that the sustainability of their products.