Prom Anxiety?


Deirdre McGovern

As the prom season approaches, that once lingering anxiety takes center stage. Questions like about prom dress shops, not having a date, where to get your fake tan done, and many more are the cause behind this stress. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t stress about it.
Prom is a high school event intended for students to relax and have a little fun before the school year is over. Although it may be ideal to have a cinematic experience at prom it’s completely unrealistic. Movies don’t project the stress that teens have over prom. Prom dresses can be anywhere from $200-$13,000, an amount one would typically spend on a wedding gown or a wedding in general. To avoid this stress, ask around, borrow a sister or friend’s old prom dress, buy a dress in advance (after the prom season) to catch the prom sales, or even rent one instead of buying it.
Another stressed is how to get to prom or who to go with. Limousines can cost an average of $90. One could prevent the large cost by possibly asking a parent, family member, or good friend to take them to prom. Take pictures with friends and then head over to prom in a low cost way. If you have no options then it’s possible to take an Uber or Lyft with friends to save money and stay safe. Don’t wait until someone asks you to come with their group, put yourself out there and ask to go with them! Being alone on prom night wouldn’t give the dance its full fun potential.
In the end, prom is a fun, eventful, once in a lifetime event to spend time with friends and have the time of your life. You don’t need to bring a date, go with friends! Spending a large sum of money is NOT a must for prom. Go out, have fun and make some great memories!