March Madness!


Amelia Brissette

For those who don’t know, March Madness is the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament where sixty-eight college teams compete in seven rounds for the national championship. Founded in 1939, this tournament has gained publicity each year and has grown into a time in March where bets and brackets are made as individuals around the country cheer for their favorite teams. On this past Saturday, four teams fought for the ability to play in the final game of the tournament. In the first game, the Virginia Cavaliers faced off against the Auburn Tigers. The game was back and forth as the score was rarely more than three points apart. Virginia ended up benefiting from a last-second controversial call to Auburn, earning them three points and the game. The final score was a tight 63-62. In the second game of the night, Texas Tech University looked dominant while playing against Michigan State University, eventually coming out victorious. They executed numerous successful plays when it mattered most. In the second half, Texas Tech players were able to score thirty-eight points in just thirty possessions. The final score ended up being 61-51. On Monday, the No
1-seed Virginia Cavaliers will face off against the 3-seed Texas Tech
Raiders and a first-time champion will be crowned as the March
Madness tournament reaches its long awaited peak.